Which Turtle Types are for you?

You are considering owning a pet turtle.  But you have a big problem.  You don’t know which types of turtles are easy to care for due to your inexperience and lack of knowledge.   Perhaps you are a novice, and don’t know a thing about turtle type or care.   You probably don’t even know how many types of turtles that exist.  This article will help you solve your problem.

There are over 250 different species of turtles, but there are only a few turtle types: aquatic, semi-aquatic, terrestrial and semi-terrestrial. These types of turtles differ in their housing, temperature, and feeding requirements.

Aquatic turtles do not make good pets because not all of them are easy to care for. Since they live in water, they can be kept indoors by their owners. They should not be placed in direct sunlight because they may suffer from being overheated.  But they still require a basking area. For easier maintenance, avoid gravel and sands in the aquarium. Moreover, aquatic turtles necessitate heavy filtration because they produce a lot of waste. Remember, the simpler the turtle tank setup for an aquatic turtle, the easier to clean. On feeding, a balanced diet is very important for aquatic turtles. Any fish is appropriate—goldfish, guppies, trout, and bait minnows. Insects are also good; but best if fed with calcium-rich diets to boost calcium content.

Slider turtles, Mud turtles, Reeves turtles, Softshell turtles, and Painted turtles are some of the commonly kept aquatic turtles as pets.

On the other hand, semi-aquatic turtles can be kept in an ordinary aquarium.  But make sure that your aquarium measures at least three times the size of the largest turtle. They must also have a land area that is accessible and no rough stones or woods that might cause injury. The dry area should have a spotlight that provides a warmer (85°F to 90°F) basking spot during the day.  Moreover, semi-aquatic turtles do not require a separate water dish because they drink directly from the tank. To maintain cleanliness  though, the tank must have a filter system and the water must be changed once a week. Feed your semi-aquatic turtles with small amounts of vegetables and meat, fish, worms, snails, small frogs, baby mice, and floating food pellets for turtles.

Terrestrial turtles, on the other hand, need nutrients provided in both animal and plant materials. They necessitate a diet of 85 percent vegetables, 10 percent fruits, and 5 percent animal protein. You can feed them with brightly colored berries and vegetables, such as strawberries, raspberries, and tomatoes, among others. Vegetables with a high calcium-to-phosphorus ratio are also suggested. Box turtles and Mud turtles are the best terrestrial turtles for pets.

They also need specific wavelengths of ultraviolet light to use Vitamin D and calcium in their bodies correctly. You can use commercial reptile lights that include at least 5 percent of UV-B in their spectrum.

Semi-terrestrial turtles are animals that spend most of  their  life on land;  but they also submerge into the water every now and then.

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